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Results 2012

Best in Show Award Enid Norvill Memorial $2000 (Acquisitive)
Nicci Pratten: 'Page's River Hereford'

Section 1. Oil or acrylic The Pratten Family $400 (any theme)
Winner: Jan Whitehead: 'Autumn Evening, Copacabana' (48)
HC: Diana Jenkins: 'Barrington Foothills' (69)
HC: Gillian Paterson: 'Head of the Range' (62)
HC: Glenda Stace: 'Dead Can Dance' (57)
HC: Linda Brady: 'Honeysuckle' (53)

Section2. Watercolour Glenalvon $300 (any theme)
Winner: Wendy Davison: 'Faces in the Street' (1)
HC: Andrew Davis: 'Tedium' (4)

Section 3. Drawing & Pastels Michael Reid Gallery $400 (any theme)
Winner: Rosie McDuie: 'Thirsty Work' (86)
HC: Gail Southwell: 'Bubbling Brook 2' (28)
HC: Isabel Fox: 'Breakwater Newcastle' (38)
HC: Sue Beibour: 'An Uncertain Moment' (43)

Section 4. Stockman's Challenge theme - King of the Ranges $300 (any medium)
Winner: Mandy Archibald: 'Cupid' (27)
HC: Stuart Dawson: 'Nearly Home' (21)
HC: Rodney Swansborough: 'Ancient Days, Equine Antiquity II' (23)

Section 5. Page's River theme Turning the Pages $300 (any medium)
Winner: Pearl Moon: 'River Water Hole' (16)
HC: Jan Whitehead: 'Up the Page's River' (14)
HC: Carol Scaramuzzi: 'River Classroom' (15)
HC: Winsome Brown: 'Near Journey's End' (17)

Section 6. Fibre/Textile works Murrurundi medical Centre $300 (any theme)
Winner: Charlotte Drake-Brockman: 'Melon Basket' (74)
HC: Pearl Moon: 'Still Life'(72)

Section 7. Miniatures - Haydon Hall - $200 (any theme)
Winner: Betty Lambley: 'Into the Distance' (80)
HC: Gillian Paterson: 'Ready to Go' (77)

Section 8. Three Dimensional Buttons B and B $200
Winner: Glenda Stace: 'Why Not' (75)
HC: Robyn Marheine: Sculpture - 'Phil' (70)

The Arts Council Choice Award $300
Winner: Mandy Archibald: 'Tsunami'

People's Choice Award Murrurundi Arts Council $200
Shared Winners: Barry Bryan 'In Honour Margaret Olley'
Mandy Archibald: 'Tsunami'